Mercy Street

Mercy Street is a series based on a true story which takes us into the distant 1862, time when there was a bloody civil war in the United States that has cost the greatest number of lives than any other war in the history.

The action begins in the spring and it goes about the difficult lives of two young girls who voluntarily become nurses. The first one is Mary Finney, a native of New England, defending the abolition of slavery for which the northern part of the United States has fought. The second is Emma Green, a naive young beauty bad teacher free download from a wealthy family, adhering to the views of the Confederation, which due to lack of manpower, advocated the preservation of slavery, as many of the Confederates were owing their wealth due to the hellish work of black slaves taken from Africa. Fate brings girls together in the luxurious mansion of the Green family, located in Alexandria (Virginia), which has been turned into a military hospital in the beginning of the war and during the active conduct of hostilities, after the capture of the city by Allied forces of north.

Managed by the laws of war, the city located on the border of military actions becomes something like a boiler where wounded soldiers of both sides were brought. Here, one could see a variety of doctors and nurses, runaway slaves from the southern lands attempted to escape from the persecution, as well as spies from the both sides have conducted their treacherous activity. The series tells us that fierce fighting took place not only on battlefields, but also among ordinary civilians.